Tween Fashion Trends Spring 2019

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Oh, to be young and trendy again! My daughter has inherited my love of clothes and shoes. I knew from a very young age that she was a shopper like her mama. I remember taking her shoe shopping as a toddler, and she picked up the various shoes with love in her eyes. Now she’s a tween, and fashion reigns!

My baby loves to shop! Since the weather is warming up here in California, I took her shopping the other day to get some new warm weather clothes. Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, we have to keep the costs down. We got some great finds at reasonable prices. Read on for more!

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Spring fashion
Here’s M in a yellow top from Old Navy, denim shorts from Marshalls, and Adidas shoes.

Tween spring 2019 fashion trends

Tween girl spring fashion in 2019 centers on cut-off jean shorts. White and black denim are also popular. Athleisure such as leggings and sneakers is still really big. Solid color shirts are popular, as are color-block styles. Camouflage continues to be trendy. Fashionable colors include pastels, yellow, and coral. Crop tops are still popular, as are over-sized sweatshirts. Relaxed and casual are definitely the right vibes.

Where to shop for tween fashion

We do our best to find reasonably-priced tween fashion. Tweens are often growing quickly, so it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot on things that will only fit for a season. Plus, tweens change their mind faster than they can change their clothes! If I don’t invest too much in what she’s wearing, I don’t have to stress too much when she announces it’s no longer cool.

Old Navy is a terrific source for tween fashion. They always carry the latest trends. Their regular prices are pretty low, and they have sales all the time! They have a great selection in spring 2019 of cut-off shorts and other denim shorts. They have plenty of the 3″ shorts that the tween girls want to wear. They also carry 5″ shorts – if your school has a dress code, it is likely that your daughter may need the 5″ shorts to be acceptable. At our school, all the girls are wearing 3″ shorts.

Old Navy also has a ton of pretty t-shirts for spring 2019, and a good selection of strappy sundresses.

Another favorite store for tweens and teens is Tilly’s. Their store has a relaxed California vibe. It reminds me of Santa Cruz – the clothes are the same styles you’d see at the beach or on skateboarders. A lot of their clothes are too grown up for tweens and are more appropriate for teenagers. If your daughter still wears girl’s sizes, their selection of girl’s clothes is perfect for tweens.

Tilly’s also has a great selection of the coolest shoes. They carry a wide variety of Vans and Converse, plus they have Adidas, Nike, and more. They carry sandals and other shoes too, but we are all about the sneakers around here. They have both kids and adult sizes.

We also had fun shopping at Marshall’s. To be honest, going to Marshall’s is a bit like going on a treasure hunt, as their clothes aisles are harder to navigate than at other stores. But when you find something good, it’s such a deal! My daughter and I, we enjoy the hunt. If you want to let your tween girl wear the spring 2019 fashion trends, Marshalls is a great way to keep the cost down.

If you are the parent of a tween, you know about Lululemon. Their athleisure clothes are awesome and are on a lot of tween girls’ minds. Athleta is a great alternative to Lululemon. Athleta is also a bit pricey, but their prices are not quite as high as Lululemon and their styles and quality are very similar. Both stores have both adult sizes and girl sizes. If your daughter is in the women’s sizes, the 7/8 length leggings are probably the right length for her. Tween girls aren’t that tall yet (usually), so the 7/8 length is full-length on a tween. For example, my daughter is about 5’3″ and they are perfect on her.

You also can get some pretty trendy leggings at Old Navy, and like I said before, they often have sales. Check out this pair of Old Navy leggings – they even have the dots down the leg that the tween girls covet at Lululemon.

Amazon is also a great source for fashion finds. Their prices can be pretty good, and it’s always nice to shop in your slippers! I’ve linked some good finds here. Since tweens can vary in size a lot, I put girls sizes in the first row:

And women’s sizes in the second row:

Have fun finding your tween spring fashion!

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