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How to Freeze Berries

Fresh berries are one of my favorite things about summer! I love all berries, especially blackberries and boysenberries. Our family went berry picking for the first time recently, and I brought home more berries than we could eat! So I froze some! Here is how you freeze berries.

How to freeze berries

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Fresh-picked berries
  1. First, clear out some space in your freezer. Make sure you have a large, flat space that you can fit a baking sheet on without it being too tippy.
  2. Wash your berries. Be gentle! I like to use a colander or sieve. Put about a cup at a time into the sieve. I hold the sieve with one hand, and use my other hand to gently turn and move the berries so they all get clean.
  3. If you are using strawberries, trim and discard the tops.
  4. Get out your rimmed baking sheet. If you don’t have rimmed baking sheet, you could use a baking pan. A flat cookie sheet won’t work because the berries will roll right off!
  5. Put a layer of paper towels or a dishcloth onto the baking sheet.
  6. Carefully put your berries onto the baking sheet IN A SINGLE LAYER. You don’t want them to freeze together into clumps. Blot them gently with another towel if they are still wet.
  7. Put them in the freezer!
  8. Wait a few hours (longer is fine)
  9. Take them out of the freezer, and transfer them to a freezer Ziploc bag or another freezer-safe container. Make sure you choose something that is meant to go into the freezer so that your precious berries don’t suffer from freezer burn!
Berries ready to freeze

Tools to help you on your berry journey:

Enjoy your berries! And now that you know how to freeze berries, click below for my recipes:

Blackberry cobbler

Blackberry cocktail

How to freeze berries
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