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Is your family’s health an important priority for you? Are you always on the lookout for ways to make healthy living easier? Maybe you need some new recipes, some motivation to get exercising again, or tips for getting the toxins out of your life.

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Have you heard about Ultimate Bundles? Ultimatebundles.com is a company that gathers the best resources on the internet around a particular theme and bundles them all together at an amazingly low price. They work with online experts, collecting the best of the best to offer to you. In the past, they have done bundles about homemaking, productivity, essential oils, family recipes, and more. If you are curious about the company, please read my article about why I love Ultimate Bundles.

This week the new Ultimate Bundles Healthy Living Bundle 2019 is available for only two days! It is only offered June 10th and 11th, so it’s worth looking into and deciding quickly if it’s right for you.

That’s Where I Come In!

As you know, I love to do research, and healthy living is one of my favorite things to do research on! I bought my bundle back in September when this bundle was originally on sale. I spent hours poring over it, picking and choosing what I think is most relevant for you, my reader.

Most of my readers are moms of tweens and teens, so that is the perspective that I am coming at this from. My website is all about raising happy, healthy tweens and teens. So today I am looking at the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle through that lens, as well as thinking about the health needs of the busy moms who care for them.

What’s in the Healthy Living Bundle?

There are 93 resources collected in this year’s Healthy Living Bundle! This is the 8th year that Ultimate Bundles has done a Healthy Living Bundle, and this one is bigger than ever before. This year’s resources include ebooks, ecourses, webinars, audios, workshops, printables, and workbooks. The whole thing is worth over $3000, but it is priced at only $37! Plus, you get to keep everything forever – just download it! You can pick and choose and only download your favorite parts, or you can download the whole thing and go through it at your leisure.

The Healthy Living Bundle covers a lot of topics, so I want to go over them with you and tell you about my favorites. Let’s dive a little deeper into the topics I found most interesting:

Clean Eating, Nutrition, and Healthy Recipes

As you know, this is a passion of mine. I love learning about nutrition and I am very focused on clean eating. There are 7 products worth $149.99 in the diet and detox category, including ebooks and ecourses about intermittent fasting, a keto challenge, sugar detoxing, low carb living, and more. There’s another $200 worth of nutrition resources.

If you or your kids have any digestion issues or inflammation that is making you feel unwell, the Gut Repair Kickstart Class (normally $99 on its own) might really help. It’s an online class including recipes. It also goes into essential oils and how they can help you detox.

Beyond that, there are SO MANY recipes! I am excited about the Keto Instant Pot cookbook, Low Carb Casseroles, Low Carb Easy Family Meals, 30 Superfood Green Smoothies, and Easy Whole Food Lunchboxes. These choices are mostly gluten and grain-free, which is how I try to eat most of the time, but there are a few more resources that are specifically about that: Going Gluten-Free ecourse, Grain-Free Paleo Snacks, and the Sweet Quick Breads coconut flour ebook. There are so many delicious recipes included!

Want to check out some of my own clean recipes? Click here:

Super-Healthy Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Monday Morning Green Smoothie

Anti-Inflammatory Butternut Squash Soup

And here are a few keto ones:

Jalapeno Popper Chicken Skillet

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

UHLB2019 Full Bundle

Brain Function, Mental Health, & Stress Relief

Food and the Brain: A Simple ADHD Eating Plan is a fascinating ebook written by a certified health coach who is a mother to a child with ADHD. It describes how to use food as medicine to improve the symptoms of kids with ADHD as well as other similar brain-based issues such as OCD and anxiety. Since our brains are made of 60% fat, she explains how to feed your child healthy fats and avoid chemicals that “hang out” in fatty tissues and disrupt brain function.

We all have noticed that anxiety, memory loss, depression, dementia, ADHD, and other neurological issues are on the increase and can be affecting your brain years before you realize you are suffering from these disorders. The Superbrain Master Class: Solutions to Heal & Upgrade Your Brain to High Performance for Life is a summit that can help you optimize the brain health of you and your kids. What is a summit, you might ask? It is a collection of 42 informative talks by various doctors and experts that you can download as audio, video, or transcripts – whichever you prefer.

There are several more mental health resources available in the bundle – there are a couple that teach about stress reduction, one about “getting happy,” and two about improving your sleep.


There are 8 different exercise-centered products in the bundle. I can’t believe how comprehensive some of them are! I am trying to decide which one to start with. There are a variety of choices that look perfect for busy moms who don’t have much time and would love to have the planning done for them – moms like me!

The No Gym Needed 30 Day Challenge is a complete diet and exercise program. It includes teachings on the “slow carb diet,” recipes, and videos of exercises. It looks like a great program for moms because it’s simple and laid out for you.

The 5 x 5 Challenge is a set of 5 different exercises for each of 5 days – you do 5 sets of 5 reps for 5 days in a row. The author says, “give fitness a jumpstart in less than 20 minutes per day.” There are videos of all the exercises.

Steph Yoga is another choice – you get access to videos, and Steph gives you guidance on how often to do each one. Also within the bundle is an ebook called Children’s Yoga, which explains the wide variety of benefits there are for kids doing yoga. If you have a tween or teen, they could reap those benefits by doing the Steph Yoga videos with you.

The last one I want to mention is the Health and Fitness Planner. It’s a printable journal/tracker/planner that includes 28 forms that you can print out at home and adjust for your fitness needs. There are several more exercise resources that I haven’t included here – you can see them in the pic above.

Non-Toxic Homemaking

If you’ve been reading my website for a while or following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know this is a passion of mine. (Hey, and if you aren’t following me, click those links now, or subscribe to my newsletter)! I was so excited to see the resources for a healthy household included in the bundle! If you want to read one of my articles on this topic, check out 7 Simple Changes to Reduce the Toxins in Your Home.

The Healthy Home: Transform Your Home Room by Room is a fantastic resource for getting the toxins out of your life that includes general suggestions you can apply immediately and specific changes you can make, with her recommendations and DIY cleaning recipes. This can help you improve the health of your family.

No-Nonsense Bathroom Natural Cleaning is an ebook full of recipes for DIY cleaners so that you don’t have to breathe in harsh chemicals anymore. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

The Best resources to create a healthy home and life for your family

Essential Oils and Herbs

My recent obsession with non-toxic lifestyle has led me to a curiosity for learning about essential oils. I think essential oils may be one of the answers that I’ve been looking for – both for homemaking and self-care, not to mention improving the health of my kids!

The Healthy Living Bundle includes a bunch of resources that teach about essential oils and their uses, as well as how to use herbs. Essential Oils: Separating Truth from Myth educates about how to use oils safely and effectively.

Aromatic Anchors: Using Essential Oils for Emotional Support teaches about using scent for emotional health and mindfulness. I’ve already mentioned the Gut Repair Kickstart class in the section above about nutrition, but this resource also goes into essential oils and how you can use them to help you find better health for you and your kids.

There are several more resources offered that include natural remedies – I’m not going to go into them all here, but I am excited to learn, and you can, too!

More Topics

That’s not even everything offered in the Healthy Living Bundle. There are resources on gardening, allergy relief, chronic illness, hormones…

It’s an affordable resource to help you live a healthier life. I hope my review has helped you decide whether the Ultimate Bundles Healthy Living Bundle is right for you! If it was, please pin and share!

Healthy Living Bundle review

And one last thing guys, before I forget…there are a bunch of bonuses included, too! You get over $150 of make-up, nutritional supplements, non-toxic self-care products, and more! You just have to pay for shipping. Just the bonuses make the Ultimate Living Bundle’s $37 price tag seem amazingly tiny.

Here is a list of all the bonuses included – except there is no Earlybird this time since it’s a flash sale.
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