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Why Your Family Needs Essential Oils

As moms, we are all working to create optimum health for our families. We think about, plan, and create what our family eats, we make sure they get enough sleep and enough exercise. We try to keep our kids from having too much screentime, we help them create pleasant social lives and counsel them with their friend relationships so that they have emotional health.

We work to keep our homes clean so that sickness is kept away from our family. But what if the products we use to clean our homes are actually hurting our family?

Why your family needs essential oils

And we buy lots of products for self-care and teach our kids how to use them – how to bathe, how to brush their teeth, how to wash their faces, etc. But are you actually teaching them to put toxins on their skin?

The ingredients and chemicals in many of our household products are so bad for our health. Many, many people don’t even know! That is why I am so passionate about teaching you what I have learned.

Essential oils solve these problems. They can be used to support your family’s health, help you keep your home clean, and replace many of the self-care products in your cabinets.

Young Living Essential oils - Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Why I’ve Fallen in Love with Essential Oils

Funny how something I didn’t even have three months ago is now a central part of my life! They are healthy and useful in so many ways – every day I learn more! And they smell sooooooooo good!

As you know, I love to research. And I love science. And I love learning. And I love sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve spent hours and hours listening to podcasts and reading about essential oils, and trust me: you and your family need essential oils. You deserve the best health for you and your family.

I have been into health and wellness all of my life. I do my best to eat clean, I love yoga and walks outside…but I hadn’t realized that my home care and personal care products were a health hazard.

Now that I know, I am so excited to learn to do better! I started by getting a diffuser and a selection of some of the most popular, best quality oils.

When it comes to quality, things can be sketchy with essential oils. You see, they aren’t regulated well at all. Companies can put words like “pure” and “natural” on their bottles without it actually meaning anything. Unfortunately, there is a phenomenon called “greenwashing” going on. Advertisers and brands know that people are wanting to live healthier lives, so they imply that their products are healthy and environmentally friendly even when they aren’t. That means we have to find a company that we can trust.

I chose Young Living because they are the only company with a “Seed to Seal” promise. Young Living has their own farms on which they grow all of their plants. They also do all their processing themselves using state-of-the-art techniques. Click to read all about their Seed to Seal promise. One of my favorite podcasts had an episode that explained how Young Living’s processes are different and better than other brands:

You also can read the book that the podcast is discussing:

Please listen or read if you want to learn all about it yourself. But if you don’t have time, you can take my word for it. Young Living is so careful with all of their practices. Their products are as pure, healthy, and concentrated as possible.

What’s the Simplest Way to Start With Essential Oils?

It can be overwhelming to try to decide where to start with essential oils. Luckily, Young Living has created an easy way to get started. It’s called the Premium Starter Kit.

It comes with a diffuser as well as 12 essential oils that can be used for many things including non-toxic home cleaning, natural skincare, aromatherapy, and health support including help with sleep. The kit also includes a few other products for you to try, such as hand sanitizer.

Young living essential oils starter kit

If you add up the value of everything in this kit, it is worth over $400. But it only costs $165. Why? Because you are getting it at the wholesale price. AND Young Living’s founder, Gary Young, founded his company decades ago to help spread health. He and his company want to be accessible for everyone.

That may seem like a lot of money to you. As a stay-at-home mom, it is a lot of money for me! But considering that for that amount you are improving the health of your family in a fundamental way…it’s priceless.

One way I am managing to afford the expense of essential oils is I have started learning how to make some of my own things. I have learned how to make hand soap for example, and I’m starting to experiment with air freshener and dish soap. I’ve stopped buying candles since I’ve learned they release toxins into the air. I used to have several kinds of body lotion with different scents, but now I am using unscented body lotion and adding my essential oils in to make various pleasant scents.

If that really seems like too much money, it’s okay. You don’t have to get a membership and get a Premium Starter Kit for wholesale prices. You can choose to buy just an item or two for the regular retail prices.

Either way, if you choose to buy something I would really appreciate it if you use my member number to make your purchase. I will get a commission and then I can afford to keep bringing you the best information on my website. My member number is 20180622. Better yet, email me and we can decide what is best for you together!

Click here if you are considering placing an order with Young Living and want to learn more.

Do you have questions? Email me and ask! I still have a lot to learn, so if I don’t know the answer I’ll figure it out and we’ll learn together!

If you want some more help understanding why we all need toxin-free homes and deciding what to do, please read Why You Need a Non-Toxic Home Now.

Or if you’d like some quick tips about changes you can make easily, read 7 Simple Changes to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

How essential oils can help your family

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