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Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Tween girls can be a lot of fun to shop for! There are so many pretty and fun things that capture their interest. At this age, they also love to buy gifts for their friends. I’ve included a bunch of ideas that are inexpensive and she can give as gifts, too! I’ve also included some bigger ticket items that your tween girl will covet and could be her “big gift” this year. Read on for some fantastic gift ideas for tween girls!

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Christmas gifts for tween girls

Tween Girl Fashion


I’m going to start with accessories since they are like the icing on the cake! They aren’t (usually) too expensive and also make great stocking stuffers or gifts for her friends.

Chokers are really popular with tween girls and come in several different styles.

This one is gold-plated and has stars all around. It has an adjustable closure so should fit different necks.
Puka shell necklaces go with the beachy-vibe that is so loved by tween girls. This is a set that comes with two different shell necklaces.

My daughter bought this set to share and it’s a crazy good deal – it would be a great choice for a tween gifting to her friends. She loves all the pretty choices!

Hair ties and bracelets overlap with the current generation of tween girls. These coils can be used for hair ties or bracelets and would make great stocking stuffers, or gifts for her to give to her friends:

My daughter bought this set to give away and was really happy with the quality. It’s available in other colors, too.

Scrunchies are back! When I was a tween we used them to hold our ponytails. Girls nowadays like to wear them on their wrists or use them in their hair to make a messy bun.

This set is pretty, and would be another great choice for her to give to her friends. There are tons of different choices in colors and fabrics.
I also found this item that combines the two styles for one low price. Score!

Mini barrettes are also really popular with tween girls right now. They would also be a great choice for stocking stuffers!

My daughter bought this set and is very happy with it. They seem to be good quality and the colors are super bright.


So many of the on-trend fashion items that tween girls crave are rather expensive! If you are a parent to a tween girl and want to get her something special, here are some of the higher-end items she wants:

Lululemon leggings are on many tween girl’s Christmas lists
Lululemon shorts are coveted, too. These are the speed-up shorts.
Vans shoes are really popular amongst tween girls – these are the slip-on style.

If your daughter is in the 9-11 age range, Justice is the place to shop! When my daughter was that age she adored their styles.

For the 12-18 crowd, Brandy Melville is the place to shop. A warning though: Brandy Melville clothes are all one-size-fits-all. Which means most of their items are a size small. So if your tween is tiny, that’s fine. But if not, it may be a challenge to find what fits. AND they have a restrictive return policy. So if you have a Brandy Melville store in your area (click this link to check), get your tween a gift card for Christmas so she can shop there in person and try things on.

To be honest, I much prefer Hurley or Tilly’s. They have more sizes available and so are less likely to end up causing eating disorders. I don’t like Brandy Melville’s message, I’m only telling you about it because they are popular.

If you want to get her some similar styles that aren’t one size fits all, here are some more ideas with the same California vibe:

California t-shirt: It may seem counter-intuitive, but she wants the men’s style because it’s boxy and long. That’s what all the cool kids are wearing.
Christmas Gifts for Stylish Tween Girls

Sherpa jackets are also a common wish for tween girls this year. This one is pretty cute and will make her look like a teddy bear:

Lots of tween girls have discovered the fun of watching the TV show Friends. If your girl is one of them, she might like this sweatshirt:

A popular figure for tween girls is the YouTube star James Charles. If your tween is into James Charles, I’m sure she would love something from his Sisters Apparel line. They have sweatshirts, jewelry, slippers, and more! Click here to visit his shop.

James Charles also has a make-up line. It is through Morphe and available at Ulta. Click here to take a look. He’s known for his make-up application videos and many tween girls want this item very much! And no, you don’t have to let her wear this to school. It can just be for fun at home.

More Tween Girl Style Necessities

Every tween girl thinks she needs a Hydroflask. We got one for our daughter for Christmas last year.

Most tweens want this model- the 32 oz wide mouth version.

She also needs stickers to put on it! Here’s an example of what’s available on Etsy:

RANDOM STICKER PACK  boho stickers aesthetic stickers laptop image 1

Another super popular craving of tween girls is the Kanken mini-backpack:

This one is the mini version, which comes in lots of colors and is what most girls want.

Tween Girl Room Decor

Help her make her bed into a cozy nest with fuzzy blankets and comfy pillows!

This blanket is faux fur on one side and sherpa on the other, and comes in lots of colors!
These pillows are fuzzy and adorable and come in several colors
These are faux fur
Or maybe she’d like one that has a cute saying…there are several different ones available.
This looks like a flower on her bed! It also comes in a bunch of pretty colors.

Tween girls love cute stuff hanging on their walls!

Here’s a photo display idea that girls would love

Fairy lights are a huge trend with tween girls! This set of fairy lights is battery operated so can be put anywhere in her room. My daughter has hers up along the crown molding and it looks beautiful! They also come with a remote, and have a timer setting so she can set them to come on in the evening and automatically switch off during the night.

Tapestry wall hangings like this are very popular for tween girl decor. Look how cute this one is with fairy lights added!

How about something that would look good on her desk or a shelf?

How about this desk organizer?
or maybe this desk organizer?
Himalayan salt lamps are a popular choice for tween girls.

Light boxes are all the rage with tween girls. If yours doesn’t have one yet, a light box would make a great gift!

This version comes with letters and emojis

Another similar choice is to get a message board like this one:

This set is available in several different sizes and colors.

Tech Gifts for Tween Girls

Gadgets are on everyone’s list nowadays, and tween girls have tech gadgets they want, too!

An iPad is on my daughter’s list – she wants one like this (this image is a mini, which is probably the right choice for most tweens)

and then she wants an Apple pencil to go with it, so she can use it for drawing. If your tween is artistic, it would make a great gift:

Apple pencil is a special stylus compatible with Apple products

Air pods are also highly desired by most tween girls:

Another great gift for tween girls is a bluetooth speaker that she can connect to her phone:

This one is cute and has great reviews

Activity and Craft Sets

If your daughter would be interested in journals, craft sets, and other such activities, I have a comprehensive list of ideas in my article Calming Activities for Tweens and Teens. Check it out for lots of ideas!

And for more about tween trends, read VSCO girl tween fashion or Current trends for tweens.

I hope you’ve loved my gift suggestions! Please pin and share! If you have more ideas for me, let me know in the comments below.

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Holiday gifts for stylish tween girls Photo by Anton Scherbakov on Unsplash
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  1. Hi. I am a 13 year old girl. I think you greatly captured whats trending today but can you make a list for girls who aren’t into trends? I don’t really like what most girls my age enjoy and I think parents would benefit from having options and if they know their kid isn’t into trends. Great list tho!

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