Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Do you have a tween or teen that is crazy for Harry Potter?!? Our family is obsessed with Harry Potter and I have tons of Harry Potter gift ideas for your tweens and teens!

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Harry Potter Advent Calendar

I’ve got to start with advent calendars because if you want one, you need to order it so it arrives before December! There are several available:

Harry Potter Decor

A gift for a Harry Potter fan that could be enjoyed year-round is Harry Potter decor! I love Hedwig, and so do many teens and tweens:

I think this Deathly Hallows art is pretty cool:

Many tweens like to do a wall collage of pictures they like rather than one larger poster. Now you can buy a set of Harry Potter pics (this is one of several sets available):

This is a giant peel-and-stick wall decal:

And here is another wall decal that would look cool in a tween or teen’s room, plus it gives some excellent advice:

Storage cubes for them to stash their stuff (they measure 11″ cubed):

Who doesn’t need a Hedwig planter?

Harry Potter gifts for teens and tweens

How about a Harry Potter alarm clock? This is so cute :

And this clock is beautiful:

These candles would be an awesome way to create a Hogwarts castle vibe in their bedroom. Your tween or teen could place them all around on bookshelves etc. and enjoy the flickering light. Since they are LEDs, they are safe. This set comes with a timer capability so they can come on at a certain time.

And look at these! Floating candles that you light with a wand! It would be just like living at Hogwarts:

This little golden snitch table lamp would make a great night light for your tween or teen:

Or look at these cute little Harry lights! Fairy lights are so popular with tweens, and these are Harry Fairy!!

And one more really cool option, a Triwizard cup light:

I have to admit, Bellatrix Lestrange is my favorite Harry Potter character. She’s just so deliciously awful. Back when my kids were little, before we had read all the books together, my kids asked me who my favorite Harry Potter character was. I told them Bellatrix…before they knew who she was. A couple of years later, when we got to her in the books…I think they were a bit horrified. Why would Mommy love this horrifying person? Oh my little darlings, Mommy is complicated. Anyways, I digress. Here is an awesome Bellatrix poster:

If you click the picture above, you will see there are many other character posters also available.

If your teen is classier than me, here is a very different choice for a Harry Potter poster:

This wall decal is a fun crossover for fans of both Harry Potter and Star Wars:

Harry Potter bedding comes in lots of different styles and would be a great gift for a teen that loves Harry Potter. Here are a few of my favorites:

And don’t forget to get a throw pillow to proclaim their house affiliation:

And who doesn’t need a Luna Lovegood pillow?!?

Or a cute stuffed Harry Potter would look great on their bed, too:

Squishmallows are so popular with tweens! Here is a Gryffindor lion Squishmallow:

A throw blanket would be another good way to show their house pride:

Harry Potter Wearables

Harry Potter Clothing

Your Harry Potter fan teen and tween would love to show off their house colors! Here is the Slytherin version scarf and beanie (if you click on it you’ll see all the versions):

How about a Harry Potter shirt? I think most teens and tweens don’t want a shirt that is too obvious- they don’t want one that looks like a movie poster or has Harry’s face on it. Teens appreciate subtlety, irony, sarcasm. Here are some good choices:

Always t-shirt with lightning bolt

The Dark Academia look is one of the most popular items for all teens this season. Here’s a sweater for the Harry Potter fan that fits the bill. They are available for all four houses:

And here are some pajamas:

Or perhaps your Harry Potter fan needs some socks in their stocking?

These are funny:

Maybe some cozy Harry Potter slippers would be nice?

Harry Potter Jewelry

This bracelet is so cool! It looks like a set of bracelets from the front, but on the other side they come together and there is one adjustable chain clasp. Lots of teen Harry Potter fans would be thrilled with this gift:

These sweet bracelets are very pretty:

Here is a set of Ravenclaw bracelets. If you click on the link, you can see versions for the other houses, too:

And the same goes for this different version that happens to be Hufflepuff:

Time turner necklace:

Harry Potter Games & Activities

A really fun Harry Potter gift idea for your tween or teen is something to play or do together! How about some wizard chess? It’s not quite the same as what Ron would play, but it’s still pretty cool:

There’s a Harry Potter version of trivial pursuit, which would be lots of fun for showing off your Harry Potter knowledge:

Our family loves Clue. We don’t have the Harry Potter version yet, but this looks fun:

And there’s a Harry Potter Scrabble! There are special Wizarding Word bonuses:

Our family has the Disney version of Pictopia and we love it! Here is a Harry Potter version:

If your tween or teen is still into Legos, I am happy to report that there are always new sets coming available! We have both of these Hogwarts castle sets and had such fun building them:

There are many other sets available, but some are discontinued and can be very expensive. However, they are coveted by Harry Potter lovers, so if your kid is still into Legos, these could make you a holiday hero for sure! If you click here you can see lots of choices for Harry Potter Legos.

This 3D puzzle looks fun and super hard! It has very good reviews from past buyers. This picture is The Burrow, the Weasley’s home. There are other sets available, such as Hogwarts and Diagon Alley, which you can see if you click on this one:

Or maybe they’d like to build a wooden thestral? It would look very cool as a room decoration after they’re done. There are lots of other similar sets available, including creatures from Fantastic Beasts:

School & Studying Supplies

Give your Harry Potter something they can take back to school with them to make going to school just a little more fun! Here is a Slytherin pencil case:

This Patronus journal comes with a pen that looks like Snape’s wand
I like the old-fashioned look of this Gryffindor journal. They make them for the other houses, too.

Or maybe your teen would like Tom Riddle’s diary:

This writing set looks interesting:

This quill and ink writing set isn’t branded Harry Potter, but I think many fans would love to try their hand at writing with a feather quill!

Here’s a Harry Potter sticky note set:

Bookmarks would make good stocking stuffers:

Harry Potter Kitchen & Food Items

Does your tween or teen like to drink hot cocoa or tea? How about a cool Harry Potter mug? These images on these mugs change when hot liquid is poured into them. My son has a similar one we bought at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. His has the Dark Mark on it. These are not dishwasher or microwave safe, but I think it’s worth it because they are super cool:

Harry Potter candy would be great stocking suffers!

Creative Harry Potter Gifts

I’m gonna guess your tween or teen doesn’t have any Harry Potter wand makeup brushes yet!

This quidditch fidget spinner would make a fun stocking stuffer:

Mini backpacks are fashionable for tweens and teens. How about this Hedwig mini backpack?

Or this cute Hedwig wallet:

We bought one of these maps for my son at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. It’s amazingly detailed and high quality:

Harry Potter Books

Your family probably owns all the Harry Potter books already. However, you may not have a copy of the newer illustrated version. These books are amazing- every page is so beautiful and detailed. My son is an artist so we knew he would appreciate them! He has been gifted the whole set, one at a time:

Have you read The Cursed Child? It came out as a screenplay significantly after the original series of seven books was published. I read it with both my kids. We had mixed feelings about it. We didn’t like it as much as the original books, but it was fun having something new in the Harry Potter world.

There is a book that came out in November 2019 that tells the behind-the-scenes story of backstage at The Cursed Child stage production. My family got a chance to see the play in San Francisco and it was amazing! If you get a chance to go, definitely do it! This might be a fun gift for my own kids!

Read all about whether Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is right for your tween and all the tips you need for seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in San Francisco!

If your teen or tween is interested in how movies are made, this book is all about the making of the movies:

The next one is an incredibly comprehensive book that not only discusses how the movies were made but goes into great detail about the cast, screenwriters, and everyone involved in making the movies. It explores all the theme parks, too!

Several Harry Potter coloring books have come out over the past few years. If your tween or teen enjoys art, this adult coloring book might be a good choice:

Here’s a silly book for Harry Potter fans:

And here is one for tweens who would enjoy some new fiction that has Harry Potter themes mixed in. My son read this book a few years ago and loved it. It’s part of series that all have funny mash-ups:

If you need more ideas, check out my article about books for tweens who love Harry Potter!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of Harry Potter gift ideas for tweens and teens! Thanks for reading! If you have more ideas, please comment below!

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