5-Week Healthy Family Challenge: Week 2

I hope you learned a lot in the first week of the 5-Week Healthy Family Challenge here on Nourishing Tweens! As I said last week, the goal of this challenge is to make real, sustainable improvements in a few key areas.  If you’re ready to ditch the crazy New Year’s goals and are ready to make some mindful changes that matter, welcome!

If you’re new here, no problem!

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Week 2

Focus: Stress

This pineapple knows how to relieve his stress

Last week we talked about healthy fats and why and how to get them into your family’s diet.

This week, we’ve got a new topic: stress. Stress is something that almost everyone struggles with. It’s becoming more and more of an issue for not only adults, but tweens, teens, and kids, too. I want to help you understand why stress is bad for your family’s health, and give you some ideas for how to reduce the stress levels of your family.

Now I’m not gonna lie – stress is something our family struggles with, and I have been trying hard for years to come up with ways to help everyone be calm and collected. As a mom, I feel like it’s my job to make the world go round. Anyone feel me on that?

I have an article on my website called Calming Activities for Tweens and Teens. It’s the fourth article in my Ending Negativity Series. Your first assignment this week as part of the challenge is to read it!

Another important way to help your kids reduce their stress levels is to help them increase their resilience. I have two articles on my website about this topic. Please read my first article about building resilience – watch the video about our fight or flight response with your kids.

Week 2’s Giveaway

If you are reading this after January 2020, the giveaway has already happened. But I still want to share the info with you! I partnered with my friends at Big Life Journal! Big Life Journal is dedicated to helping parents and kids learn to improve and grow by building resilience. They gifted this week’s giveaway winner with their 2020 Monthly Pages! This digital product will inspire your kids and teens to reflect on what they learn and experience each month. It will help them develop introspection, reflection, and journaling -all good skills for improving their overall stress levels!

Big Life Journal

I also sent a copy of an awesome book written by a tween! Kobe Nhin is a young author that is on a mission to teach other kids about mental toughness and resilience. These books are great for kids and come with worksheets in the back for your child to work on developing their own goals. To learn more about these books, check out my article: Resources for Teaching Resilience to Kids.

Also, Perfect Supplements is continuing to offer a discount to my readers! Use the code TWEENS10 to get 10% off your order! Or if you choose 3 items you get 25% off. They have several supplements that can help with stress levels, such as magnesium. They also have an anti-anxiety bundle that is discounted, and you can get an additional discount with my code! Just go to the Perfect Supplements website and search “anxiety.”

How to Participate in the Challenge

Alright! Are you ready to learn and improve your family’s health!?!

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Each day (Or less, whatever! I want you to learn and have fun with this, not get stressed!) do something to work on reducing stress levels for yourself and your family. Just like the first week, I did some Facebook lives to give you inspiration! Those videos are linked below. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read my article about Calming Activities for Tweens and Teens to help your mindset and get started with ideas
  • Read my article about How to Help Your Kids Become More Resilient. And while you’re there, watch the videos in it with your kids to learn about how if we understand how our brains work, we can learn to be more calm and less stressed. Resilience means being able to bounce back from problems. More resilience = less stress.
  • Start a journaling or gratitude journal practice for yourself or your family
  • Diffuse some calming essential oils in your home
  • Designate a tech-free time block
  • Play a game with your family, or start a jigsaw puzzle
  • Get some exercise together. Maybe go for a walk, hike, or bike ride.
  • Have dinner as a family, and have each person tell one nice thing they did for someone that day, and one nice thing someone else did for them.

What are your favorite stress relievers? Comment below and help us all get less stressed!

Day 1 video: How to use essential oils to help reduce your family’s stress
Day 2 video- Focus on increasing resilience to decrease stress
Day 3 video – Calming activities for tweens and teens
Day 4 Video – 3 Quick tricks to reduce stress and calm down

I look forward to seeing your posts on Facebook and Instagram this week sharing your participation in the challenge! If you have friends that would be interested, please invite them!

All done?!? Click here for week 3!

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