Resources for Teaching Resilience to Kids

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from problems, to not let your troubles and set-backs keep you from moving forward. Research has shown that resilience is one of the most important traits for kids to have in order to be successful in life. Resilience can be taught, but it can be challenging to do so. Do you need some resources for teaching resilience?

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The path to success is paved with resilience and mental toughness

This website is all about how to raise happy, healthy, thoughtful tweens and teens, and one part of that is helping your kids to be resilient. This article is going to focus on one particular tween that you need to know about: Kobe Nhin.

Kobe is an amazing kid that has been working on his own resilience and grit and wants to spread what he’s learned to other kids. Kobe has written a series of books all about mental toughness and learning to reach your goals. And he got started on this in eighth grade!

A competitive tennis player, Kobe got inspired to learn about mental toughness when he was struggling with winning his tennis matches. He became so interested in the topic that he began to write a series of books to spread the word! These books are now some of the best books available as resources for teaching kids to be resilient.

Kobe says, “My mission is to help other kids overcome any self-limiting beliefs they impose on themselves. I am inspired to write to help others become the best versions of themselves.”

So far, there are three books in the series. Each book focuses on a different sport and is illustrated with adorable cartoon-like drawings. They each talk about what you can achieve in your pajamas – meaning, success starts before leaving home. Just wearing your pajamas, you can set goals, visualize success, and focus. These books are a fantastic resource for teaching resilience to kids!

How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas

This book is all about a tennis player like Kobe! It’s not hard to imagine why he started here. It’s about being clear on your goals and focused. He also writes about using visualization and affirmations. At the back of the book, there are worksheets about developing the reader’s own mental toughness and goals. I highly recommend this book for both families and classrooms! Teachers, please be aware that if you go to Kobe’s website, you can download worksheets to use in class.

How to Win the World Cup in Pajamas

His second book stars a soccer-playing girl. It also encourages kids to develop goals and visualize success. He explains how to choose a mantra and suggests using positive body language. It too has worksheets in the back for the reader to use.

How to Win the Gold Medal in Pajamas

The third book stars a variety of kids playing a variety of sports. I think this is my favorite book of the three because it teaches kids about the three kinds of goals: process, outcome, and performance. This is good advice for any age, even adults. The workbook pages at the back of this book are different from the other two and focus on how to make the different types of goals.

Don’t know the difference between the three types of goals? Get the book!

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Need some more resources? Check out Big Life Journal! They have digital items that you can print from home for use at home or in a classroom, and they also offer hard-copy items.

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Increasing your kids’ resilience can help to decrease their stress levels. Want to learn more about helping kids with stress? Check out my 5-Week Healthy Family Challenge: Week 2- Stress

Resources for teaching resilience
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    1. Yes, the Ninja Life Hacks series is written by Kobe Nhin’s mom, Mary Nhin. Both series are part of their Grow Grit Company. They are a very impressive family!

    1. That’s great! I’d never heard of the Dolly Parton program before so I just looked it up – the Dolly Parton imagination library sounds like an amazing program!

  1. I’m so glad to find your website. I’m a mom of 6 and all my kids are pretty resilient accept one. I will look into these books for him. Thank you!

    1. It’s amazing how different kids can be who are raised in the same family, isn’t it? I hope these resources for teaching resilience help your son.

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