5-Week Healthy Family Challenge: Week 3

It is time to start Week 3 of the 5-Week Healthy Family Challenge! Remember, the over-arching goal of this challenge is to make some small changes that yield healthy results for your family. No crazy hard goals- just baby step progress!

If you’re new here, welcome! You don’t need to have completed the first two weeks to join in for week 3.

Week 3

Focus: Sleep

Sleepy pineapple Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash
This pineapple is about to drift off to sleep…
Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash

Week 1 we talked about healthy fats and why and how to get them into your family’s diet.

Week 2 we talked about stress and how to lower the stress levels in your family.

This week, we’ve got a topic that piggybacks off of last week’s topic of stress: sleep. Getting enough sleep is so important for our health, yet many families struggle with getting enough. Why do I say sleep is related to stress? Well, when you’re stressed out you tend to not sleep enough, and when you don’t get enough sleep, it often adds to your stress!

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Week 3’s Giveaway

For the third week’s giveaway, I sent my winner a bottle of my favorite “magic bullet” for sleep issues – Tranquil roll-on. Young Living’s Tranquil is an essential oil blend that comes in a roller bottle. It eases emotional tension and supports sleep habits. Tranquil contains lavender, cedarwood, and Roman chamomile and is a $38.82 value. To help get yourself ready to sleep, simply roll it onto your wrists or the back of your neck. If you’re interested in trying essential oils, read my article: Why your family needs essential oils.

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How to Participate in the Challenge

Let’s do it!

Click here to enter and get your free printable if you haven’t already!

Each day, take some time to learn about how sleep benefits your family members and do a little something to help improve the quality and quantity of your family’s sleep. I have done some Facebook lives to give you some inspiration, and those videos are linked below. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read my featured article this week: Your Tweens and Teens Need More Sleep!
  • Using that article, evaluate your family’s sleep habits. How many hours is each family member getting? Is it enough?
  • Think about your family’s bedtime routines. Is there one, or do you fly by the seat of your pants? What could be tweaked to set you up for success?
  • Do the same with morning routines – could some of the to-do items of the morning be moved to the evening so that wake-up time could be later?
  • Look at the atmosphere created in your teen or tween’s bedroom…is it relaxing? Dark? Quiet? Tech-free?

I look forward to seeing your posts on Facebook and Instagram this week sharing your participation in the challenge!

How to help your tweens and teens get more sleep

This week’s article has lots of info about how much sleep teens and tweens need, why, and how to help them! Please click on over and read it!

Your Tweens and Teens Need More Sleep!

When you’re ready, check out week 4!

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