5-Week Healthy Family Challenge: Week 4

We are moving on to Week 4 of the 5-Week Healthy Family Challenge! Throughout this challenge, the purpose is for you to make some baby-step changes to help improve the health of your family!

If you’re new here, welcome! You don’t need to have completed the first three weeks to join in for week 4.

Week 4

Focus: Non-Toxic Homemaking

Clean and non-toxic Photo by Pineapple Supply Co on Unsplash

Week 1 we talked about healthy fats and why and how to get them into your family’s diet.

Week 2 we talked about stress and how to lower the stress levels in your family.

Week 3 we talked about sleep: why it’s important, how much teens and tweens need, and how to work on getting more sleep for your family.

For week 4, we are talking about how and why to get the toxins out of your home. In modern society, we are all accumulating too much of a toxic load in our bodies. There are toxins in our environment that can be out of our control – but there are also toxins in household products such as cleaners and self-care products. All of the toxic build-up in our bodies can lead to a variety of poor health outcomes, including disease.

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Week 4’s Giveaway

One of the best places to start when working towards reducing the toxins in your household is in the laundry room. Your family’s clothing touches their skin all day long. Making a change to less toxic cleaners makes a difference in what your family is exposed to all the time. Dryer sheets are full of especially unhealthy chemicals.

So for my giveaway this week, I made it easy for my winner to get rid of those nasty dryer sheets! My winner received a set of four wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls are fantastic! They are an item you only need to buy once. Not only do they eliminate the need for chemicals in your dryer, but they also fluff your clothes and circulate the laundry with the air more effectively, which ends up making your load dry faster – thus saving on energy bills.

And along with the dryer balls, she received a bottle of Young Living’s Purification essential oil. If you like how dryer sheets infuse your clothes with a pretty scent, you can apply the Purification essential oil to the dryer balls as a healthy alternative.

wool dryer balls and young living purification essential oil blend
With wool dryer balls and a bottle of Purification essential oil, you’ll be on your way to a healthier family!

Purification essential oil is also great for diffusing. It gives your home a bright, fresh, clean scent with no harsh chemicals.

Also, Perfect Supplements is continuing to offer a discount to my readers! Use the code TWEENS10 to get 10% off your order! Or if you choose 3 items you get 25% off! As you are working to reduce your toxic load, some supplements to take to support that detoxing are Perfect Aquatic Greens and Perfect Liver Detox Support. I personally take both!

I also have another discount code for you! My friends at Puro Company make non-toxic personal care supplies like soaps and aromatherapy perfume, and if you shop at their site and use the code nourishingtweens15, you’ll get 15% off your order!

How to Participate in the Challenge

Here we go!

Click here to enter and get your free printable if you haven’t already!

Each day, take a small step to make a little progress in reducing the toxins in your household. I will continue doing Facebook lives to give you inspiration, so please make sure you are following me on Facebook! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read my featured article this week: Why you need a non-toxic home
  • I also have a shorter article for you if you are short on time: 7 simple changes to reduce the toxins in your home
  • Choose one cleaning product in your house to switch out for a less toxic choice. My articles above are full of suggestions and products that I have tested.
  • Choose one self-care item such as lotion or soap to switch out for a less toxic choice. Again, my articles are full of suggestions.
  • Get rid of toxic kitchenware such as plastic storage containers! And yup…my articles explain all about this and can point you in the right direction.
  • Try making some of your own products! I know, if you’ve never tried this before, it sounds a bit crazy. But trust me! It’s not hard to do, it’s pretty fun, and it’s a great way to make your home less toxic if you are on a budget. I will be doing some videos on Facebook this week to teach you how! Read my article about how to make DIY foaming hand soap!
  • Ditch your candles. Wait, what?!?! I love scented candles!!! I DO love scented chemicals, but they are adding toxins into your family’s air. Instead, get yourself an essential oil diffuser. If you want to learn more about this, of course it’s in my articles above! I also have an article specifically about essential oils if you want to learn more.
Day 1: Why it’s important for your family’s health to have a non-toxic home
Day 2: How to make DIY foaming hand soap
Day 3: How to use wool dryer balls with essential oils
Day 4: How to make DIY hair detangler

Ready for week 5? Click here!

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  1. What a great challenge. I am definitely going to incorporate some of these things and try it out. I am so glad I found your blog.

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