Why I Love Ultimate Bundles

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First things first. What is an Ultimate Bundle? Ultimatebundles.com is a company that gathers the best resources on the internet around a particular theme and bundles them all together at an amazingly low price.

Ultimate Bundles works with online experts, collecting the best of the best to offer to you. Then they bundle together a collection of excellent resources including digital products such as eBooks, eCourses, webinars, printables, and more.

I really like the people at Ultimate Bundles, and I have been working with them for over a year now. I have purchased four of their bundles so far, and I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what is great about the bundles and how to best utilize them.

In the past, they have done bundles about healthy living, meal planning, productivity, essential oils, photography, business tips, travel, and more.

Now, I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, which means that I get a commission if you choose to buy a bundle and use my links to get there. But I am also a very honest person, and I would feel terrible if I talked you into buying something that isn’t useful for you.

The best things about Ultimate Bundles

  1. Ultimate Bundles are cheap!!! The pricing is jaw-dropping for what you get. They are usually priced at about 97% off! Yes, 97% off! For example, it might cost you $29 to get $1000 worth of resources. And most of them are in the $19-$49 range.
  2. They are full of quality expert info. There are strict requirements for being included in the bundles.
  3. It’s easy to access the information When you purchase your bundle, you are given access to your own private library of all the materials. You can sort them by topic (such as recipes or planners) or type of product (such as eCourses or printables). There are usually cheat sheets available that help you quickly look over what is in each resource so you can decide if it’s right for you.
  4. There are amazing bonuses Most of the bundles come with an assortment of free gifts, which they call bonuses. In the past, I have gotten some fantastic physical bonuses that feel like little gifts, JUST FOR ME! Things like handmade soaps and lotions, aromatherapy items, jewelry, and gift cards for vitamins and supplements.

The not-so-good things about Ultimate Bundles

  1. Ultimate Bundles can be overwhelming There are usually dozens of items in each bundle. It can take a while to just read over all the offerings and think about which ones you would actually use. It can be hard to keep track, and easy to forget to go back and read/watch them all.
  2. You have to make your decision quickly! The really good deals are only offered for either two or six days. If you don’t buy them before time runs out, many of them disappear, and some come back at a higher price. Many people look forward to getting a certain one every year, such as the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. But it’s only released for six days per year – so if you blink, you might miss it!

Want to get more specific?

Here are links to all of the bundles that are currently available or upcoming as well as the ones that I have written reviews about in the past to give you a taste of what is included in Ultimate Bundles:

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, their flagship bundle, is not available right now, but here is my review of last year’s Homemaking Bundle to give you taste.

Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle is on sale July 27-31, 2020.

Work at Home Bundle is available until May 31, 2021.

Stay at Home Survival Bundle is no longer available.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is not currently available. Click here to read my review of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is coming soon. Click here to read my review of last year’s Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

Gardening and Sustainable Living Bundle is not currently available.

Productivity Bundle is available now until December 31, 2020

Photography Super Bundle is available now until October 29, 2020

Grow Your Business Bundle is no longer available.

Women’s Wellness Bundle is not currently available. Here is my review of the past version.

Genius Blogger’s Toolkit will be available later this year.

DIY Creativity Bundle will be available later this year.

If the bundle you are most interested in isn’t currently available, please sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when it comes back!


If it’s good, why is it so cheap?

That’s a good question! Well, the people at Ultimate Bundles have worked with all of these experts and talked them into letting them have access to their excellent products!

Why would they agree to basically give their stuff away for free? It’s because in return, the experts are able to spread the word about their products far and wide with the help of Ultimate Bundles. They can raise awareness of their products, websites, and companies so that people like you and me learn about them and consider whether they would like to become customers.

Plus, the best deals are only available for 2-6 days, and then they can go back to selling their products for full price.

Why are some of them only available for 2 or 6 days and others are available for a long time?

Many bundles are available for only six days. I believe that is typically how the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle works, for example. Each year there is a new, completely different Ultimate Homemaking Bundle available, and it’s only available for six days.

Some of the bundles are available for a 2-day Flash Sale. A flash sale means that it is super quick and super low-priced! Some of these bundles will continue to be offered later at what is referred to as an “Evergreen” price. Evergreen means that it’s available continuously. For Ultimate Bundles, their evergreen products are available at a higher price after the flash sale.

And many of their products DON’T go evergreen. So if you don’t purchase during the flash sale, you may miss out completely, and you definitely won’t be able to buy it at the same low price.

Sometimes the ones that don’t go evergreen are brought back for a quick flash sale later. But that happens many months later and it’s done as a surprise. If you’d like to keep abreast of these special deals, please join my email list.

What if I don’t like my bundle?

Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-day Happiness Guarantee! If you decide you really don’t like your bundle, you can get your money back within 30 days.

How did you get to be an Ultimate Bundles affiliate?

Well, I was looking for companies that I could promote through my website to help me make a little money while also helping out my readers. If you have your own website, you can do it, too! Sign up here to be an Ultimate Bundles affiliate.

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