Gifts for Nerdy Teen and Tween Boys

Do you love a nerd? Looking for some geeky gift ideas for the nerdy teen or tween boy in your life? Etsy has a fantastic collection of handmade and vintage gifts for your nerdy teen guy. Read on to find some amazing gifts for nerdy teen and tween boys!

Updated October 26th, 2023

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The creativity of the makers on Etsy is PHENOMENAL, plus it feels so good to support small businesses with your Christmas shopping! Not to mention your nerdy gifts will be delivered straight to your door!

And if your nerd happens to be a girl, no problem! Most of these gift ideas would work just as well for a nerdy girl.

Pin and save for later! I’ll add new gifts for nerdy teen and tween boys to the list as more makers add to Etsy.

You can head straight to Etsy’s Holiday Shop to search for items on your own, click here to see my collection of Etsy items for nerds, or read on to see if some of my ideas below will work for your nerdy teens!

Gifts for Nerdy Teen and Tween Boys

Games and activity gifts for nerds

This is an amazing looking gift! It’s an escape room puzzle box! The recipient has to build this complicated box and then decipher the puzzle.

Here is a Stranger Things-themed game. This is a Stranger Things Guess Who Game. The shop also makes other versions of guess who games, such as ones for fans of the TV show The Office.

I’m not sure why nerdy teen boys are into communist jokes…but they are. How about a Communist Cats Card Game? This listing has great reviews! My son might be getting this for Christmas. Shhhhhhh.

Communist Cats  The Card Game image 1

Or maybe your nerdy teen guy would like to build something. How about his own working crossbow??? How about one that comes with little Space Invaders to shoot?!? This crossbow DIY kit has great reviews. The shop also has other fun kits, so check them out and support small business!

Gift For Him Video Gamer Gift For Geek Space Invaders image 1

Here’s another DIY kit for your nerdy teen or tween…this one makes a mechanical 3D dragon!! Who doesn’t want to build their own awesome dragon?!?

This geology kit was created by a family whose kids loved Minecraft! If you have a tween who is into Minecraft, this set will teach him about the rocks that he mines in Minecraft…IRL (in real life)! I love the idea behind this, and if you follow me, you know I love learning. And, I think it’s amazing that this family turned their love of learning into a small business, so I’m excited to support them!

OreKit  a Minecraft-inspired Premium Rock and Gemstone image 1

Wearable gifts for nerds

If he’s a gamer, your nerdy guy needs a shirt to announce it to the world. This gamer shirt comes in a bunch of colors:

Gamer Nutrition Facts Shirt For Gamers Birthday Gift image 1

Or maybe this gamer t-shirt would be a better gift for your nerdy teen or tween:

Gamer Shirt Video Game Shirt Gamer Gift Nerdy Shirts image 1

And don’t forget the matching gamer socks!

Shhh I'm Gaming Socks Gift For Her Gift For Him Gift image 1

Or maybe your nerdy teen is into computers and coding and needs a binary t-shirt:

Funny Binary Code T-Shirt geek nerd computers Computer Code image 2

A sweatshirt for your nerdy tween who wishes he lived in the Stranger Things universe:

Stranger Things Sweatshirt Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt image 1

Or if your nerdy teen is into Star Wars, here’s an amusing Star Wars shirt:

Here’s a t-shirt for fans of Lord of the Rings:

Is your teen or tween a Harry Potter fan? How about some Harry Potter Converse sneakers? (Although I guess the characters would call them “trainers”). They are custom-made. Super cool! (In a somewhat nerdy way).

And another Harry Potter choice…this t-shirt is a crossover for fans of both Harry Potter and The Office:

Prison Mike Dementors Harry Potter Shirt  Office Shirt  image 1

Useful gifts for nerds

This choice is one that I think EVERY teen and tween boy would want! It’s a holder for your headphones. This model is the Tesla Bot headphones holder, but if you click through to the shop you can see soooooo many fun choices! How about a Han Solo head? A Luke Skywalker head? A Terminator head? An Albert Einstein head? A Voldemort head? Even a Vladamir Putin head?!? Click here to go straight to the AngledDesigners shop on Etsy.

Tesla Bot  Headphone Holder Gaming Accessories Desktop image 1

Is your teen or tween into Dungeons and Dragons? Then he needs a Dungeon Master personalized handmade mug!

Dungeon Master personalized mug Dungeons and Dragons Gamer With engraved plaque

Here’s a travel mug for science lovers:

Never Trust An Atom They Make Up Everything  Engraved image 1

Or perhaps your nerdy teen or tween would prefer a mug with his name personalized in Elvish? Get this for your Lord of the Rings fan:

This Lord of the Rings set of bookmarks is beautifully made:

Or Dragon bookmarks would be fun whether he’s into Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter…or whatever!

Decorative gifts for nerds

Is your teen or tween into Stranger Things? How about a personalized Stranger Things name print?

Personalized STRANGER THINGS Name Word Art // Print or Digital image 2

Or a retro VHS Star Wars night light? The shop makes them for other movies, too – Back to the Future, Star Trek, Tron, X-Files, and more. Just click on the picture to go to the shop.

Or how about this cool lamp with vibes from The Matrix?

This light is inspired by Minecraft. If you click on the picture, you can see all the cool Minecraft and Nintendo nightlights that this shop offers.

Creeper Desk Lamp Nightlight Minecraft 3D Printed Room Decor image 1

If your nerdy teen or tween boy likes The Lord of the Rings, he’d like this handmade nightlight:

Or maybe this sherpa fleece blanket printed with the map from The Hobbit:

Thorin's map and Bilbo Baggins Sherpa Fleece Blanket  image 1

Or is he more into aliens and sci-fi? How about something to hang on the wall?

Silly gifts for nerds

Here’s some good nerd humor! This cereal killer spoon would make a great stocking stuffer and is sure to make your nerdy guy laugh!

birthday gift for him gifts for men cereal killer spoon image 1

Or maybe your nerdy teen has enough spoons, but he really needs a fork?!? This fork would be perfect for any Star Wars fan. May the fork be with you!

Is your nerdy teen into the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment? Could he (or she) spend hours discussing ideas to death??? If so, you probably need this geek gift:

Schrodinger's Cat in a Box Enamel pin Physics College image 1

Another creative stocking stuffer…here’s some Dungeons and Dragons soap:

Would your nerdy teenager like a key chain personalized with their name written in Aurebesh, one of the languages of the Star Wars universe?

This 3D printed robot is described as a phone holder and a desk buddy on the shop’s site. He is adorable! I’m not sure why your nerdy teen needs him, but I think there’s a good chance that he does. BeQui the Robot is available in a bunch of colors:

3D Printed Articulated Robot BeQui  BJD Ball jointed robot image 1

Fun cards for nerdy teen boys

There are so many hilariously creative cards on Etsy! It’s amazing how many creative people there are out there. Get a unique card like these! I’ll link some examples, but you can also go straight to some of the best shops to see a wider selection:

YeaOhGreetings is full of clever cards, as is HappyFinchStudio.

Cute Fantasy Birthday Card Cute Birthday Card Movie Nerds image 1
Birthday card for Lord of the Rings fans

Or for your basic nerd, how about a card that says Happy Birthday in binary?

Obi-Wan Cannoli Birthday Card Star Wars Card nerdy birthday image 1
Obi-Wan Cannoli for Star Wars fans

This charming card for gaming fans comes from a shop called GreetingsNerds.

I’d also recommend you check out Happy Finch Studio’s Etsy shop Supercat Publishing UK, and Greetings Nerds to see their random and hilarious choices.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! A whole lot of creative and clever choices for you to gift to your nerdy teen or tween boy! And all of them support small business owners on Etsy. Win, win!

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Please comment below and let me know which of these gifts for nerdy teen and tween boys is your favorite! And, I would LOVE any suggestions you have for other types of gift ideas I could add to this list! What do your nerdy teenagers like best? And don’t forget to pin and save, as this will be updated!

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