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Teens Can Get Better Grades with a Student Planner

How are your teens doing in school?  Anyone in your family unhappily surprised by their grades?

Do your high schoolers know how to study and keep organized?

Anyone feeling panicky about end-of-year exams and projects?

High school study habit helpers

I’ve got a freebie to help your teens finish the school year strong.

It’s a one-page weekly student planner that has spaces for filling in assignments, tests, and quizzes.  There’s a space for each day of the week so they can keep track of what is due and what is upcoming.

The printable student planner comes in two different styles.  There’s a pretty sunflower style and a simple streamlined style.

Help your teens get better grades

Click here to get your free academic weekly planner. You get both styles with one download!

Or are you into a retro 70s vibe? If so, check out these free student planners.

Need some help using free printable planners? Click here to find out what you need for printable planners!

Does your teen need even more help to get better grades?

If your teen REALLY needs some help and would be interested in a more comprehensive planner, check out my printable Sunflower Academic Planner and Get It Done Planner in my Etsy shop! 

Each printable student planner has the same content with a different look.  There are 49 pages including pages for planning study times and projects,  Whether your teens need help keeping track of assignments, studying for exams, or completing projects, this school planner has what they need. There are goal-setting pages and calendar pages, too.

This is an undated planner, so you can start any time! They are instant PDF downloads, so you can get started as soon as you purchase.  Get more productive starting now!

Click here to check out the Sunflower Student Planner
Click here to check out the GET IT DONE student planner

Your teen can start getting organized and getting better grades with their student planner immediately. Download your PDF and you can print again and again.

Help your high schooler develop their study skills!

Help your teens get good grades
Please pin and share!

Please pin and share!

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