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Free Printable Planner for Summer – Updated

Could your teens and tweens use some direction this summer? I’ve updated my free summer printable planner for teens and tweens to help make their summer (and yours) better!

I originally created my summer planner for teens in 2020, back when we were all sheltering in place. But it’s been several years, so it’s time for a refresh!

And guess what…I got so excited about making a new one, I made three!!! I hope your tweens and teens love them! And yes, they are still free, and you get all three!

Hopefully, your kids have some fun activities planned for this summer. If so, they could use a planner to keep track of things. But since it’s summer, most kids don’t have as much going on as they do during the school year, so my summer planner is weekly instead of daily.

If you’d prefer a daily summer planner, click here.

I also know that there are many kids who are just kind of whiling away the hours online without any direction. If you’re frustrated that your tweens and teens are just wasting their time, my free printable planner for summer can help to give them some direction.

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free summer printable planners

Why your teens need a summer planner

For most teens and tweens, summer is something to look forward to! They love the endless free time to be with their friends and many of them have summer camps or classes that they enjoy and summer jobs to earn some money and meet new friends.

I think that teens and tweens benefit from that feeling of success that you get from making a plan and achieving it. My free printable summer planner for teens and tweens is designed to help.

I created this free weekly summer planner to help teens and tweens make a plan and organize their life! The planner for summer will help them to have a purpose and enjoy life. It’s a weekly planner instead of daily since it’s summer – we don’t want to be too organized. If you’d rather have a daily planner, click here

Click here to get your summer planners

How to use the planner for summer

I’ve divided the weekly planners into sections to help kids organize their thoughts before planning their week.

Just like in my article about the daily planner for teens, I’m going to switch my tone here, mom. These summer planners are for tweens and teens – so I’m going to explain to them (but if you want to use them for yourself, I won’t tell – they are super cute).

First of all, decide which planner you want to use and print it out! You can choose one to use all summer, or you can print a different one out depending on your mood this week. Have more ideas for planners I could make and themes you’d like to see? Comment below!!

After you print it out, write this week’s date at the top of your planner.

“Top Three” section of your printable planner for summer

The Top Three section is for your main goals of the week. The things that you really want to make sure you don’t forget to do. Sometimes it’ll be obvious to you which things are most important to do. If that’s the case, go ahead and fill them in. Maybe you have some new art supplies you’re excited to use or you really want to meet a certain friend for ice cream or maybe you want to start a YouTube channel. If you already have some ideas, go ahead and write them in.

But other weeks you don’t really know what you want to do. That’s okay – I’ve got some ideas to help you. Start with the other sections and come back to the Top Three part later.

Photo by Gilberto Olimpio on Unsplash

“Must Do’s” section of your printable planner for summer

The Must Do’s section is a habit tracker. Have you heard of a habit tracker? It’s a way for you to get in the habit of doing the stuff you really have to do. There are certain things you have to do every day. So take a minute to think about what you need to do every day. I’ll help you brainstorm what that’s might be. Then you just fill them in on each line on the left and check them off when you do them each day (that’s what the letters are for, they represent the days of the week).

  • Exercise – Everyone needs daily exercise to feel good. Maybe you have an activity that covers this, like swim team or summer soccer lessons. If you don’t, get creative! You could go for a jog or a bike ride, walk the dog, jump on the trampoline, play something outside with your sibling, turn some music on and dance, or find an exercise video on Youtube that you can try. There are dance lessons, yoga routines, and lots more available. See what you can find! It might not be what you really want to do, but you’ve got to make yourself move so you don’t feel crummy.
  • Chores – What are you supposed to do help your family each day? Maybe you’re supposed to vacuum the house or wash dishes? Write it in and check it off.
  • Reading – Read every day. It’s good for you. Hopefully, you love to read and I don’t have to tell you to do it because you already are. If you don’t really want to read, talk to your parents about it. Your family can decide what’s a good goal for you. Maybe 20 or 30 minutes a day? Or if you really hate reading, have you tried audiobooks? You could listen to a story while you do a quiet activity or get your chores done.
  • Learning – I know I know, summer is supposed to be fun! But it’s also a bunch of free time that you could use to improve yourself. Maybe you could spend 10-20 minutes a day on Duolingo to keep up with your language learning, or maybe you could go onto Khan Academy and keep up your math skills or something else. They have fun stuff to learn too, like art history. You could also check out the classes available online at Outschool.
  • Or maybe you could learn to play an instrument on YouTube or work on a workbook like this to keep up your school skills. How else could use your mind without a screen each day? Perhaps you could spend some time drawing or writing in a journal.

I hope you find it helpful that your planner for summer can make it easy to keep track of stuff so you don’t have to worry about remembering everything!

“Should do’s” section of your printable planner for summer

Take a few minutes to brainstorm everything you can think of that you should do or want to do this week and write it in this section. When you set up your summer planner next week, you can start by moving whatever didn’t get checked off this week to next week’s list.

free printable summer planner for teens and tweens

“For Fun” section of your printable planner for summer

Yes, I’m telling you that you have to have fun! I know a lot of kids are struggling with mental health issues. You need to make sure that you have some fun! Every day! Maybe it’s not exciting fun, but there needs to be some pleasant time in which you’re doing something you enjoy.

There’s a good chance you’ve been feeling down or stressed out lately. That’s okay – let’s work together to make it better! This may sound strange to you, but sometimes we humans have to make an effort to be happy. It used to be that this was an issue mainly for adults that get too caught up in their jobs and other responsibilities and forgot to take time for themselves. But unfortunately, something in our culture seems to be broken…and tweens and teens are suffering more than they used to. So let’s put some effort in. Being productive and accomplishing things can help you to naturally boost your self-esteem and feel more in control. So let’s get it done.

A good way to get started on this is to grab a blank piece of paper or make a Google Doc and brainstorm all the things you’d like to do for fun. Let me help a bit to get you started:

  • Hobbies you already have – art, crafts, an instrument, singing, cooking, etc.
  • Activities you love to do – video games, sports, watching movies, reading, etc.
  • Friends – Make time for your friends! Whether in person or virtual, you need some social time.
  • Family – What do you like to do with your family? Anything in particular you’d want to do with them? Board games? Puzzles? Crafts? Teach your parents your favorite video games or computer games? Binge-watch something? Write it on your list. Also, think about the family that doesn’t live with you – maybe grandparents? Cousins? Aunts and uncles? Think about what you can do to connect with them. Facetiming, phone calls, emails? Think about what you could do to connect with them. We play Words With Friends on our phones with our grandparents – maybe you could do something like that.
  • Need more ideas for activities? Read my article about what to do if you’re bored or about calming activities.

All right, now that you’ve brainstormed fun things, write some on your weekly planner for summer. Pick 1-3 things that you want to do first and put them in your For Fun section. Maybe add some more to your Should do’s section.

Planning your week

So once you have an idea of what you want to do this week, you’re ready to fill in the schedule. Write in anything that is connected to a certain day, first. If you have any classes you’re taking or something you have to go to, write it down.

Otherwise, it’s totally up to you to decide how you want to fill in your week. You can make a plan for which days you’ll do what if you want, or you can just leave it mostly blank and check things off in the other sections.

The whole point of the weekly planner for summer is to help you think about how you spend your days and be purposeful. At the end of each week, you want to be able to look back and remember the fun things you did, and also be able to feel like you accomplished something. For example, you helped your family keep the house clean, or you went to the park with your friends, you talked to your Grandpa on the phone, or you practiced your math so you don’t lose the progress you made during the school year, you learned to play the ukelele, or you took some steps to work towards a goal.

Whatever it is you want or need to do, you will be most happy and successful if you have a plan – even if it’s a loose plan. So good luck! Please pin and share this article with others! And if you have ideas for me, please comment below! I hope you have a wonderful summer.

I want my free summer weekly planners!

Need some help using free printable planners? Click here to find out what you need for printable planners!

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summer planner for teens and tweens
summer printable planners


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