Tween Style 2023: Trends for Girls

Are you looking for tween girl clothes for 2023? Wondering which tween style trends to follow, and which clothes to buy for teen and preteen outfits and fashion trends?

There’s been a real change in tween girl style over the past five years or so. Preteens used to have their own look which was different from teenagers. But because of social media – especially TikTok- and other cultural changes, tween style as its own category has disappeared.

Why did that happen? Well, when older generations were growing up, we often mimicked the fashion of celebrities. I remember my friends and I had so much fun looking through magazines like Teen Beat and Tiger Beat!

And I used to subscribe to Teen, Mademoiselle, and Seventeen, which were full of style tips for teens. Nowadays, kids get fashion ideas from TikTok – it’s peer to peer, seeing what other girls are wearing, instead of what the fashion industry and celebrities suggest. Younger tweens now just wear what their older peers are wearing.

Tween fashion is now indistinguishable from that of teen girls. So let’s talk teen and tween style for 2023!

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Why do I claim to know anything about tween style? I am a mom of a fashion-conscious teen. I’ve loved to watch trends my whole life, and now I’ve got a teen daughter who has an eye for style. Although these are my own opinions, I’ve got a teen editor to make sure I am accurate. Your comments are more than welcome! I would love to hear what you think below!

Tween style 2023
Teen fashion photo by Olivia Hibbins on Unsplash

This article is all about style for teen and tween girls in 2023. If you are shopping for teen and tween boys, check out Hurley. They have all a boy needs (and great girl clothes, too)! If you’re shopping for younger girls, then you need to head over to Justice. Check them out if my fashion choices here seem too “old” for your daughter. My daughter loved Justice when she was younger.

90s and Y2K Style fashion trends for tweens and teens

Tween trends haven’t changed a lot in the past few years. Tweens and teens continue to be into 90s fashion, and I’m also seeing the term “Y2K”. It seems to me that the “rules” for fashion have relaxed over the past couple of years. The VSCO girls of 2019 still have some style influence, but there doesn’t seem to be the strict brand obsession like there was in 2019 – teens don’t seem to wearing the same Lululemon and Vans uniform – not that those have disappeared…they’re just no longer required.

Alright, I’ve gotta tell you…I’m sitting in a public library right now as I’m typing, and a teenage girl literally just walked right in front of me wearing Lululemon leggings and Vans. So it’s still out there, for sure!

Trends for teens and tweens in 2023

From my vantage point in California, this is what I’m seeing on local teens and tweens:

  • Cargo pants
  • Baggy/wide-leg jeans
  • Pajama pants
  • Sweatpants
  • Leggings (but not as many as in past years)
  • Tiny tops
  • Oversized T-shirts, especially with band names and place names
  • Oversized sweatshirts
  • Ripped denim shorts
  • Flannel shirts

So, not a lot has changed in the past few years. However, these kiddos know how to GET COMFY. There’s definitely a lot of slouchy comfort going on. This generation of teens is not messing around with tight pants. The whole vibe is relaxed, casual, and not particularly “put together.”

Alright, let’s get your (or your daughter’s) comfy slouch on:

tween style 2023
Tween trends photo by Olivia Hibbins on Unsplash

Cargo pants for tweens and teens

High-waisted still seems to be the most popular choice for most teen girls. Manufacturers seem to want to get the low-waist trend going, but I am seeing more girls choose high-waisted. This pair of high-waisted cargo pants comes in 10 colors and XS-XXL, so there should be a fit for every girl.

This pair is lower-waisted and is listed as “Y2K Cargo Pants.” The fabric of this one is more like the parachute pants style, and they come in several colors:

If you’re shopping for a smaller tween, this pair of loose cargo pants comes in girls’ sizes and lots of colors:

And these are the parachute pants cargos for smaller girls:

Comfy sweats and pajama pants for tweens and teens

These baggy sweats are wide-legged and straight. They come in a variety of sizes that should fit most tweens and teens:

These high-waisted sweats are baggy but have a narrowed ankle:

I remember wearing plaid pajama pants out in public was a thing when I was in college (and yeah, that was the 90s). Do over!!! I’m seeing lots of teen girls and boys in pajama pants like these. Usually baggy, usually a bit too long. Both of the styles below come in a range of colors:

90s and Y2K Jeans for 2023

For the last couple of years, jeans have been ripped and torn and acid-washed and basically destroyed. In 2023, things seem to be turning around. You can still wear ripped jeans if you want, but I’m seeing way more jeans that don’t look like they’ve been through some sort of horrible accident.

Baggy and wide-leg jeans seem to be the go-to favorite for 2023 jeans for tweens and teens. Try getting something like this:

Or these, for that mom-jeans 90’s vibe:

If you like the distressed look, maybe get some jeans with some subtle distressing like these:

Here’s a pair that combines denim with the cargo pants style:

I know last year the designers were trying to get teens to wear low-waisted jeans. I still haven’t seen them much at all, and now they don’t seem to be offered as much. And the designers are trying to bring flared (bell-bottom) jeans back, too…but so far, I haven’t seen any on real teens. I think today’s teens and tweens are less caught up in following the trends adults are trying to push on them. Like I said before, they’re watching each other on TikTok way more than reading fashion magazines.

Shorts for Tween Style in 2023

Denim shorts are still the favorite choice for teens and tweens in 2023. Most of the jeans shorts are ripped or distressed in some way, but you do see ones that manage to not look like they’ve been attacked.

Here are some suggestions:

Be careful about which shorts you choose- watch out for where the holes are and how short they are. You don’t want to show more than intended. Teens tend to like their shorts super short and tight – make sure you are comfortable with what your tween and teen girls are choosing.

Like I said at the beginning, if you are shopping for a younger tween, head to the Justice website.

Shirts and T’s

Little tiny tops seem to be the most popular choice for teen and tween girls lately. I’ll be honest – I’m not a fan. But that is what most are wearing, so here are some choices. I tried to find some that are a bit more appropriate in my opinion and still have that trendy tween style:

I don’t want to come off as an old lady, but I’m pretty shocked by what I see some of the girls wearing. Girls shouldn’t be wearing the same thing to school that they’d wear to the beach. And honestly, think about the poor boys! It seems kind of cruel to me to surround hormonal teenage boys with barely dressed girls and expect them to be able to focus on school.

You could try to compromise with your daughter by having her wear a loose button-up top or hoodie sweatshirt over the tiny top. Keep on reading to see my recommendations for those.

Personally, I’d rather see tweens and teens in oversized tops, and that seems to be popular, too. Here are some good choices:

Graphic t-shirts are also a common choice for teen and tween girls. Here are some options:

More shirts and tops for tweens and teens

In 2023, it’s popular to wear a button-up shirt open over a fitted, plain shirt. Flannel shirts are especially trending to get that 90s grunge feeling.

Or you can go with more of a “Dad shirt.”

And denim shirts are back! I loved those back in the day.

And then to go under them, you need something like these:

Here’s a basic one that comes in girl’s sizes (and a bunch of colors) if you have a smaller tween:

Shoes for tweens and teens

Nike Air Force Ones have been popular for a few years now.

Converse and Vans are still big, too.

Combat boots are back, too. Here’s the real thing, Doc Martens that were popular when I was a teen:

And if your daughter wants to try the look but you don’t want to commit to the price, here are some cheap ones that still give the good tween style vibes:

I’ve also noticed that some other styles of shoes are starting to show up, too. How about something different, like these?

And just for fun, why not get some cute slippers to wear with those pajama pants? My daughter has this pair and loves them:

Jackets and sweaters for tweens and teens

The shirt jacket look is popular in 2023. Teens seem to have rediscovered corduroy – and they like it! It is nice and cozy. How about something like this?

Oversized sweatshirts are a favorite tween style. Ones with place names are a common choice:

Solid colors are good, too. Pink is especially popular right now since the Barbie movie was such a hit (though this one does come in other colors):

They also come cropped:

Zip-up sweatshirt jackets and hoodies also continue to be in style. In fact, they probably always will be! Oversize ones are my daughter’s favorite. We’ve bought this inexpensive Gildan version for her in at least five colors! She loves them! And yes, that’s a man in the picture but who cares? Tween style is often oversized, so men’s sizes are fine.

Cropped ones are also a trendy choice:

Big comfy sweaters are trending, and usually are worn over a fitted top.

Or maybe a cropped sweater:

Or get a pullover sweater like one of these:

Cute Accessories for 2023

Most teens and tweens continue to be into the delicate look for jewelry. Trendy necklaces include styles with moons or suns, butterflies, and tiny gems. Lots of girls like to get a necklace with their initial on it. Teen and tween style often includes layering the necklaces, too.

My daughter loves jewelry so much that she’s opened her own Etsy shop! She makes beaded wire necklaces and bracelets. Click here to see what she has for sale.

Friendship bracelets like this are big, especially because of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour this year;

Taylor Swift 1989 bracelet

Bracelets are often dainty, too:

Teen and Tween Style Wrap-Up for 2023

So there you have it…tween and teen style for 2023! Not a lot has changed since last year, so please take a look at my 2022 Style for Tweens article to get some more ideas. Have some thoughts? Did I miss something? If so, comment below! And don’t forget to pin and share!

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