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2023 Holiday Deals for Gifts for Tweens and Teens

Black Friday started several weeks early this year. I think that things have been getting a bit weird with the whole “Black Friday” tradition over the last decade or so.

And I know that only some places do their best deals on the Friday after Thanksgiving…other places make their best offers in December! So pin this article for later…I’ll have updates when I find them!

2023 Holiday Gift Deals for Tweens and Teens

Read on for the best holiday deals for gifts for tweens and teens in 2023!

Nourishing Tweens is a participant in several affiliate programs, advertising programs that provides a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and other websites. I only recommend things that I truly like and would use myself. If you click through my links and make a purchase, there is no additional charge to you.

Deals I’ve found for Black Friday and the Holiday Season

Deals on Fashion and Clothes

Hurley is the place for cool style for teen guys and girls. Their Black Friday deals are live already, and they are offering up to 50% off sitewide. Hurley has a surfer/skater/snowboarder vibe.

Junk Food also has a lot of the trends both teen boys and teen girls are looking for. If your teen is into shirts and hoodies with band names, place names, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, and that sort of thing, check out Junk Food. They are having a big 30% off sale for Black Friday 2023.

If you have younger tween girls, then you need to head over to Justice for a million adorable choices! Justice is offering 60% off on everything for Black Friday, and they’ve continued the deal into December!

And of course, there are so many good deals on Amazon! Here are some deals on wearable gifts for tweens and teens that I found.


Christmas gift deals for teens and tweens
Christmas gifts photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Deals on Books and Learning

Big Life Journal is a favorite company of mine. They offer products to help kids build their resilience and self-confidence and build a growth mindset. Kids nowadays need help with their mental health, and Big Life Journal has some fantastic tools! They are having a huge buy one get one 50% sale! They have some choices for teens and tweens, plus they also have a new adult Big Life Journal which I think might be a good choice for older teens. If your teens and tweens need some help with goal setting and self-esteem, take a look at Big Life Journal.

The Good and the Beautiful is such a lovely company! They offer not only homeschool curriculum, but a library of books that are clean and full of positive messages, including many forgotten classics. Their prices are always reasonable since they are on a mission to get as many books into kids’ hands as possible. This week they are offering a BOGO 50% off deal (buy one, get one at 50% off) on all their handwriting and drawing books. I bought their drawing book of trees for myself and it’s such a relaxing activity for when I need a break. They are having a closeout sale on their books; they’re 40% off. The ones that look the most interesting to me are The Island of Appledore, which takes place during World War I – it’s only $4.79, and Through the Wall, a novel about a boy living in post WWII Berlin, which is only $5.99.

Deals on Everything

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop – you can get amazing handmade items from small business owners all over America and the world. Get something unique for the people you love! Right now, there are some awesome deals. Find discounts up to 60% off select items.  I love to find cute decor there, too.

Shop my Etsy favorites

Here are some of the items I love that are on sale this week:

Taylor Swift Blankies – this shop has a bunch and the owner is so nice and will make items to order

My daughter sells bracelets, necklaces, and keychains on Etsy. She has the cutest Taylor Swift inspired Christmas and Hanukkah bracelets! She also has really beautiful wired beaded necklaces that aren’t just for Swifties. Right now her whole shop is 25% off, and there is free shipping for orders of $35 or more.

Christmas and Hanukkah Swiftie bracelets
Swiftie sweatshirts

This shop – SusanCHArt – sells the most beautiful dainty home decor! Teens and tweens would love these handmade items. Right now her whole shop is 60% off! Such a deal. Here’s an example:

Some of the items on my gifts for nerds list are on sale:

Star Wars clock
Han Solo Hanukkah shirt – so creative!

There are gifts from my Dark Academia favorites list on sale, too!

If your teen likes unique jewelry, this amazing shop – Tanaygemsandjewels – makes really interesting handmade items and the entire shop is 72% off right now! It’s a great chance to get a really unusual handmade gem piece for a steal. Here is one of the more than 6000 choices:

And of course, my own shop is having a sale! I sell printables, so I’m not sure they are exactly gifts…but they are something your teens and tweens may need!

I have gift lists I’ve curated for you on Etsy. Click the links to see them, and you’ll be able to see in the page which comes up which items are currently deals.

Etsy Gifts for Teen Girls

Etsy Gifts for Tween Girls

Etsy Gifts for Nerds

Etsy Gifts for Harry Potter Lovers

Etsy Gifts for Stranger Things Fans

All my favorites on Etsy

A Special Offer for My Readers

I’ve been chatting with a shop owner who makes the cutest Taylor Swift merch as well as other things teens and tweens would like – she’s got some Star Wars stuff, 90s horror movies like Scream and more.

It’s called The Wonderland Gift Co and she made a discount code just for Nourishing Tweens readers! Use the code tweens20 to get 20% off any item in her store!

She makes blankets, wrapping paper, pillows, clothing items, phone cases and more!

I’m going to buy some Merry Swiftmas gift wrap to use for my daughter’s presents – shhhh, don’t tell her! Click here to visit The Wonderland Gift Co.

Deals for Gifts for Tweens and Teens on Amazon

I noticed when I was writing this that some of these listings come up with the sale price, but some of them are showing the regular price. So click the picture to check what the current price is…it may be lower than it’s showing.

Now’s the perfect time to buy those big-ticket holiday gifts as the prices are probably at their best. Here are a few ideas:

Those dang Nike Air Force 1s are so expensive but a lot of kids want them. I found them marked down a bit, which is better than nothing, right?

And the iconic Lululemon pants that are soooo expensive, yet every middle school girl MUST own a pair (according to what I hear). They are also rarely marked down, but I found them with a bit of a discount (remember to click on the picture to see the actual price, it doesn’t always show in the image):

Another expensive item on some teen’s lists is a pair of Doc Martens. Another item that rarely goes on sale, I did find them marked down for you. Hopefully it lasts until you click on it:

My daughter got Beats headphones for Christmas a couple of years ago. She loves them! There are a bunch of different styles. This is one example:

We got my son a telescope for Christmas a few years ago and it was a big hit!

More tech ideas:

A drone or laser tag are both fun:

Funko pops are so popular with tweens! You can get them for a steal right now. Here’s just one of dozens of examples:

Squishmallows are popular for tweens and teens. My daughter and her friends are always gifting them to each other!

And this silly version has baby cows inside!

Tweens would love these reversible plushies! So fun:

These purses are so cute:

When you click on this toy you’ll see an extra coupon you can click on (or at least I can right now…things are changing fast!)

Or a mini bag for make-up or pencils?

How about something fun to do?

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