Spring Planner Pages for Tweens and Teens

Spring is here and your teens and tweens could use some new, cheerful spring planner pages to help them keep organized!

Help your tweens and teens have fun being productive with a free printable spring planner page!

My new spring planner pages come in five styles, and I’m giving you the Easter bunny peep style for free!

Spring planner pages

I’ve designed a new line of printable spring planners for your tweens and teens. Not only will the planners help them to keep organized, but they can be a tool to help them with their mental health.

I created my original daily planner to help teens and tweens get organized and use their time wisely by making a plan! I want to help them be productive, have a purpose, and enjoy life. Not only do the planners remind them to keep track of their school work and other responsibilities, but they also remind them to make time every day to have some fun and connect with people.

You’ll get two PDFs with your free download of the spring printable planner. One has more detailed prompts and is more structured, the other has blank space to use as you wish.

The printable planners also have a gratitude section – another feature to help with mental health.

It’s a well-known fact that taking a moment to reflect on your day and think about the bright spots can help with positive thinking. Cultivating gratitude can help relieve anxiety and depression, as well as simply help the user to put things in perspective.

Visit my Etsy shop to see my other spring planners pictured above – I have bunnies, tulips, and retro daisies available for 2024. Check out my spring planner bundle!

If you need instructions for how to use my printable daily planners, click here for my first article on the topic.

Wondering what supplies you need for putting together printable planners? Click here to find out what you need for printable planners!

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Free printable spring planner for teens and tweens
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