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How to Improve Grades Quickly Before the School Year Ends

Many families of high school and middle school students have been taken by surprise by bad grades. If someone in your family needs to figure out how to improve grades quickly before the school year ends, I’ve got some tips for you.

Get Organized

Do your teens have their schoolwork organized? Sit down with them and have them explain what assignments they have left and when they are due. Is it laid out clearly on a website calendar? Or has your teen already written it all down carefully? If it’s not clear, then get out a piece of paper for each class and list the assignments and due dates.

Since we are talking about teens and tweens here, I’m going to give my advice directly to the student so they can be the responsible one.

Take a look at the grades so far for each class, and the percentage of work left to do. What grades are needed to pass the classes (or to excel, depending on your goals)? Write down those goals on a “goal tracker page.”

Make a Plan

Next, make a plan for getting the schoolwork done.

Decide which items are the highest priorities for getting the good grades you need. Perhaps you need to start with what is due first, or perhaps you need to start with the largest project. Or, if you need a quick win to get motivated, perhaps you should start with the shortest or easiest assignment so that you can quickly finish something and see some results. It depends on your individual situation, and a bit on your personality.

Break things into bite-sized chunks. Create a study plan. Download my free Weekly Study Planners to make it easy to get productive and improve your grades quickly!

Free study habit helpers, weekly student planner free pdf printable

My freebie will help you finish the school year strong.

It’s a one-page weekly student planner that has spaces for filling in assignments, tests, and quizzes.  There’s a space for each day of the week so you can keep track of what is due and what is upcoming.

The printable student planner comes in two different styles.  There’s a simple streamlined style and a pretty retro style.

Click here to get your free academic weekly planner. You get both styles with one download!

If you want a more structured way to get organized with the steps already thought out for you, then take a look at my full student planners, available for sale in my Nourishing Tweens Etsy shop.

You get instant downloads of pre-designed pages to make studying easy. There are planning pages for essays, projects, group projects, speeches and more. There are guided study pages including pages for chapter summaries, definitions, and planning out study sessions.

Here is an image of some of the included pages:

Images of some of the 36 included pages in the Simple Printable Student Planner.

Anyone feeling panicky about end-of-year exams and projects? If so, the included instant downloads will help you get organized!

Need some help using free printable planners? Click here to find out what you need for printable planners!

More Ideas to Improve Grades Quickly

If after listing out your current grades you realize that you aren’t going to be able to make the grade you are hoping for, there are a few more steps you can take. Go talk to your teacher. Do you have assignments that were never turned in? Find out if you can finish them up now and still get credit, even if they are past the deadline. Some teachers will be willing to give you partial credit – but you have to ask!

Some teachers also will let you re-do assignments that you did poorly on and resubmit for a better grade.

Or, would your teacher be willing to let you do an extra credit assignment? Many teachers want to see you do well, and would be willing to work with a motivated student to come up with ideas. Ask!

If they say yes to any of these ideas, be sure to add the new assignments to the lists you’ve already started.

Now You’re Ready to Finish the School Year Strong

Once you’ve used your planner to list out all of your assignments, you’re ready to study! Make sure you set aside time every day (yes, including weekends) to make progress towards your goals.

Break assignments into chunks, and work a bit each day towards the bigger goals.

Do you need some ideas for how to make studying easier?

Remove distractions from your study area. Use the features on your phone and computer to turn off notifications during your study time. If music helps you concentrate, use it! Or if you get distracted by music and other noises, turn it off and consider noise-cancelling headphones to block out the noises of your household.

Many people find it helpful to set a timer. For example, you could try for 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time. When the time is up, get up and stretch, walk around, pet the dog, get some water…take a break for 5-10 minutes. Then once you feel centered, sit back down and get to work again.

If you want to make it fun, go to YouTube and search “Pomodoro Timer.” There are tons of videos that are pre-timed for you, some with music, cozy backgrounds, even themes like Harry Potter. Personally, I love the idea of studying in the Hogwarts library!

And then I thought, what other pomodoro timers are there? So I searched “pomodoro timer Taylor Swift” and found this one! (Along with others). Try it yourself! See if there’s one with your favorite theme!

I hope you’ve found these tips for improving grades quickly helpful! Good luck with the end of your school year!

Don’t forget to download your free weekly planner pages!

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improve grades quickly with study tips and free academic planners

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