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Talking about the Israel-Palestine Conflict with Teens

Parents need to help their tweens and teens understand the Israel-Palestine conflict so that they can have informed, intelligent opinions. We might wish as parents that our kids didn’t have to think about such difficult issues, but the kids are hearing about it on social media and in the world around them whether we like it or not, so we have to face the issues head-on.

Let’s start with a map of Israel.

Map of Israel provided by d-maps.com

The History of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

These sources explain the history of the situation in Israel and Palestine.

This video goes back to ancient times and describes the long-term history of the region. It’s very clear and uses maps to make it easy to follow. I found it quite interesting. After watching multiple videos on this topic, I chose this one to share with you as it was the clearest and most engaging in my opinion, and I think it would be a good choice for tweens and teens. However, there are some typos in the text part of the video – try to ignore that. It’s 11 minutes long:

This five minute video explains what the word “Zionism” means and why it is controversial:

This video explains why there isn’t a Palestinian state, and why a “two-state solution” has not been achieved yet.

Understanding the Israel-Palestine War in 2023-24

This video is 2 minutes long and was made in October 2023. It is intended for kids:

This video is 19 minutes long and was made in March 2024:

Examples of the Misinformed

I wrote this article because I am so concerned about the ignorance of our youth. Following are some examples of specific events involving the uninformed and misinformed.

Protestors Remove American Flag, Raise Palestinian Flag at Harvard Yard

The following two articles are on the same topic. The first is from a libertarian (right) source, the second from a progressive (left) source:

Berkeley Students Post Anti-Semitic Cartoons, Disrupt Dinner at Dean Chemerinsky’s Home

A Protest in Berkeley Escalated

Explanations of the language being used in the Pro-Palestinian protests:

Globalize the Intifada

From the River to the Sea

Overview: Anti-Israel Chants and What They Mean

This video is about the experiences of Jewish students at the University of California Los Angeles in 2024:

Here are some poll results from March 2024:

Gen Z Support for Hamas Grows

Do you have thoughts or suggestions on this content, or ideas for future topics? Please comment below.

More topics to help you raise informed tweens and teens:

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