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Summer Reading Challenge

High school and middle school students work hard during the school year and look forward to their summer break. Us parents are all for them getting some relaxation time, but we want to see them accomplish some things during their summer break, too! One fun activity that can help is a summer reading challenge!

Many tweens and teens enjoy reading, but they may need some extra motivation to do some reading over the summer. My Summer Reading Challenge is a free download that can make it fun!

summer reading challenge free pdf for tweens and teens

How the Summer Reading Challenge works

First, click this link and download the Summer Reading Challenge – it is two PDFs. You’ll be able to download your choice of the blue-green version seen above or my pretty rainbow version.

Next, choose a goal! I thought ten books was a good goal, so one of the pages has 10 empty books. But it doesn’t matter – your tween can read less books and just decorate the extras, or you can print out another sheet and they can read more than ten!

If you want to create a prize, just brainstorm what that can be and write it on the bottom of the page under the books. I didn’t make a designated place to write it since reading is its own reward – I know, I’m kind of cheesy. And a nerd.

What could the reward be? How about a trip somewhere fun, like an amusement park? Or just something simple like an outing to get ice cream. Or it could be some sort of item that your tween or teen has been wanting. Or how about having some friends over for an end-of-summer sleep over?

summer reading
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Anyways, set a goal and then get started. As your tween reads each book, they can write in the name of the book on one of the empty covers on the summer reading challenge page.

Does your tween or teen need some extra motivation? If so, the other PDF has that covered. There are 25 different ideas for books to read, and it’s laid out like a game!

As they read each type of book, they can fill in the square with that idea. Make it a game! Can they get five in a row? Maybe each row could have its own little prize. Or maybe there could be a big prize for getting a “black out” – filling all the squares!

However your tween or teen wants to do it, have fun and get some reading done!

Click here to get your free reading challenge

Click here if you need some more ideas for motivating your kids to read

Summer Reading Journal

If your tween is extra excited about this, why not get a Summer Reading Journal? I have some fun Summer Reading Journals in my Etsy shop.

The Summer Reading Journal is an instant download of 28 different pages to help you track your books and your reading as well as commemorate everything you love about books. Organize your thoughts about books with review pages and places to write your favorite quotes! It comes in a few different styles – click on the image you like the best to learn more!

Head on over to my Etsy shop to see these and all my printables. I have year-round reading journals, too.

Summer boook recommendations for tweens

Does your tween or teen need some ideas for books to read this summer? If so, I have lots of articles filled with book recommendations. Take a look:

Books for tweens who love Harry Potter

Science Fiction books for tweens

Exciting books for tweens

Quirky books for teens and tweens

You can also visit my storefront on Bookshop.org to find all my latest recommendations – this is new as of June 2024, so if you’re reading this soon after I’ve published this article, I’m still getting it set up. But take a look and bookmark it for later!

I also often recommend books for teens, tweens, and adults in my newsletters, so get on my list if that interests you!

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summer reading challenge
summer reading challenge free pdf
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