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motivating reluctant readers
Raising Tweens and Teens / Teaching and Learning

Motivating Reluctant Readers: How to Encourage Teens and Tweens to Read

Do you find yourself struggling to motivate your kids to read, track their progress, and organize their thoughts about books? If your teens and tweens are reluctant readers, it can be challenging to encourage them to pull out a book and read. In this article, I’m going to share some tips and ideas that will…

Israel-Palestine conflict
Raising Informed Kids / Raising Tweens and Teens / Teaching and Learning

Talking about the Israel-Palestine Conflict with Teens

Parents need to help their tweens and teens understand the Israel-Palestine conflict so that they can have informed, intelligent opinions. We might wish as parents that our kids didn’t have to think about such difficult issues, but the kids are hearing about it on social media and in the world around them whether we like…

free study habit helpers
Blog / Printable Planners / Raising Tweens and Teens / Teaching and Learning

How to Improve Grades Quickly Before the School Year Ends

Many families of high school and middle school students have been taken by surprise by bad grades. If someone in your family needs to figure out how to improve grades quickly before the school year ends, I’ve got some tips for you. Get Organized Do your teens have their schoolwork organized? Sit down with them…

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