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February and March Update

February and March Update

I’m excited to tell you what I’ve been doing/enjoying/reading/eating in February and March and also to let you in on some deals! My BIGGEST news is that I’ve opened an Etsy shop!  I sell printable planners for teens, tweens, and their moms.  My shop is called Nourishing Tweens, just like my website!  I’d love for…

daily planners for spring
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Spring Daily Printable Planners for Teens and Tweens

Spring has sprung! Help your teens and tweens organize their days with a new printable daily planner. Being productive is more fun when you have a pretty planner to write your to-do list on! Motivate your teens with my free printable spring daily planner. I’m giving away the pretty pink daffodil design for free! Just…

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